Summer Sunset

Last week. I uploaded my first video to YouTube, It was a video about my Autumnal Crunch. I plan to make more of these videos. The next one will be a short video about Summer Sunset. I think that there is something very magical about sunsets, everyone is different. The ones in summer seem richer in colour, deeper. I have often wondered whether it is to do with the colours that are available in summer compared to the winter months. The time just before dusk when the light changes ever so slightly and all the colours seem richer.

This painting here has three different paintings within in. Initially I had started a lighter textured painting. It was full of white and pastel colours. The first layer of this painting that I did you can see that shining through. You can see my creative journey the history of my art. Within this one it’s got an outline of an old circle, a very faint outline. When I first started painting again back in 2016, I was obsessed with circles and it was as if I had lifted the lid on a very tight bottle of compromise and I was letting myself flow. So all these paintings that I was doing at that time, they looked cosmic. They had a cosmic flow about them and you can just see where I had done the cosmic flow underneath this painting. In two areas it is definitely showing through and I love that, I love that it’s showing the history of my creative development.

It’s the end of one creative journey and the start of a new. Just like a sunset, saying bye to the day just gone and bringing hope for the new tomorrow. You can see the texture and depth just like a summer sunset. As you tilt the painting you can see the texture that is being created through the chemical reaction I use as my painting method.

This painting is completely magical, the colour that you can get, when the sun is setting against the clouds. It’s here you get these really rich ripples. I love how it changes so quickly from a really beautiful blue Sky, with the clouds all around you and then all of a sudden you get the pink tints within the sky. The golds, yellows and you get the deep red before the sun disappears.

I remember this one took about three or four weeks to dry out and it was all to do with this area around the middle. It was very thick in the middle you can see where all the cracks and texture has built up here. It thins out as you move towards to edge of the piece. I love that, I love that you’ve got different levels of texture and you’ve got different colours as well, to go with the depth, just like you would within a summer sunset, a nice clear sunny day then the depths of the darkest night.

*Update Link to YouTube video about the making of Summer Sunset


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