Music Inspires Art, taking steps to move forward.

Music is so important to me. It influences everything that I do, the mood that I am in, the way I paint, the way I move around the room.  I love having background music playing. I must admit, I do go back to the 90s, a lot!!

I absolutely believe that music really inspires and keeps me going. For many years, this wasn’t the case. I withdrew from my passion of music. Over the last three years, I have really loved rekindling the relationship.  It brings me joy.

Through music, I can relive; a trip to the beach, a memory, a moment in time and that is important to me. Music triggers memories, it pulls me back to a time I loved, it pulls me back, to dancing with my children in the kitchen or making cookies with my Nana. That is what the joy of music is for me, not the technical side.

I don’t need to know what the artist intended with their music or why they wrote it or who was playing the drums or the historical information of the band. I have people in my life that can tell me that information. Who I love and trust. I don’t dismiss the technical side, it still fascinates me. When I do learn little snippets of gold dust, because that’s what it is, the music take on new meaning. It strengthens the pleasure.

It’s the same with my paintings.  Each face paint that I have done, was an emotion, a release of energy, a blockage. It gives me pleasure to revisit those moments and see how much I have grown. Now that I am recreating each face painting. I’m reliving those memories. I can see myself, I can picture myself, staring in the mirror, painting my face. I can see the paint brush moving, picking up the colour. I can see the energy and it’s all there now, transferred on canvas.

I love the fact that I’ve captured that moment on canvas. I can see the joy, the hope, the courage within those paintings.  I didn’t know it then but I am a strong individual, that has moved my life forward to be joyful.  I do things for me now. Any mother will know how hard it is to put yourself first, to do what you want to do because you’ve always got somebody else’s demands to cater for. Somebody else’s needs, somebody else who relies on you, would not be able to survive without you because they’re young. I can tell you, the moment you realise how powerful you are, how much courage you have, how much strength you do have, you will realise that giving yourself some time, have something joyful in your life, will make all the difference, to everybody around you.

Children are like sponges, they know when their mother is happy, they know when she is joyful and believe you me, they will become confident just like you. They will become strong, they will be able to go forward and reach their full potential. Do what they want to do because that is what their mother was able to do.

This new series of paintings are powerful. The energy transfer is amazing and it’s very exciting because I now following my gut. I now know that I will be making some close up sections of these paintings. I’m going to be creating the abstracts that I was doing before but more purposefully. I have a vision, I’m moving towards it and my golly, it is exciting. One subject matter, the strength and courage of ever mother that was searching for her joy within the darkness and reached her full potential.

I’m finding the joy and transferring that energy to those around, that is exactly where I’m at.  I’m so proud of myself. Now I’m going to turn the music up and dance around the kitchen like its 1996!!

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