What if Alice in Wonderland was not just a fairy tale?  What if the distortion of perception is the secret of finding joy in the world around you? Imagine capturing this explosion of joy in a piece of art? This is what Angel Burns does.

Join Angel Burns and discover her colourful emotive abstracts. Her work is a distortion of perception. The art pieces will leave you questioning whether they are detailed close ups or vast landscapes. Tiny bugs looking out into the world or a gigantic aerial shot looking down.

Explore her creations of these microscopic worlds. Join her, as she leads you into her playful nature based world, with her Video Series, Walks with Angel.  Discovery these special realms, zooming in to the obscure corners of nature, finding joy within the darkness. The inspiration of her work, the microscopic worlds, falling inwardly or looking out into the vast landscape.

Join Angel as she playfully grooms her creations, to create these textured artworks, breaking all the rules along the way. Using materials she knows will repel against each other. The result is a chemical reaction on canvas creating these playful colourful emotive artworks.

The work is a chemical reaction that is captured on canvas. Angel combines her science and art background purposely, choosing mediums that will repel against each other replicating the texture found in nature. The process begins with exploring nature; capturing her surroundings in close up alternative angled photography. These are then turned into a series of preliminary sketches before progressing onto canvas.

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I lost my Mojo

It’s been a long time since I’ve written a Blog. There’s a reason for this. In fact, if I’m totally honest, I lost my way, I lost my mojo, I lost the joy. This wasn’t a loss for the love of painting and drawing. It was the by product, over situation I had no control…

Summer Sunset

Last week. I uploaded my first video to YouTube, It was a video about my Autumnal Crunch. I plan to make more of these videos. The next one will be a short video about Summer Sunset. I think that there is something very magical about sunsets, everyone is different. The ones in summer seem richer…

This is… The Rising of the Phoenix

I’m going to tell you a Story; my origin, my artist birth point. The beginning of my creative journey, in regards to the type of paintings that I do today. It’s not day one of being an artist but it is the starting point of my current flow of work. In September 2019, I had…